The Public Goods Network will wind down in June 2024.
We are supporting users to withdraw assets.
More information is available here.  

Public Goods Network

Secure the future of public goods

PGN is both a digital schelling point and the world’s first L2 that works to create durable and recurring funding for public goods.
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Choose the chain with purpose

Public Goods Network is the only L2 network in which the vast majority of net sequencer fees go to projects that are building and/or funding public goods.
Small Fees, Big Impact
10x lower costs vs. Ethereum mainnet with the majority of sequencer fees going directly into funding public goods
Legitimate, Durable,
Continuous Funding
Fees become recurring, ongoing funds for open-source apps, protocols and projects
Easy Deployment
No code changes needed. PGN is EVM equivalent, so all of your code, tools, and infrastructure just works
Community Backed
Operated and governed by an impact network of public goods champions like you

We believe Public Goods are Good - and they should be funded

By definition, public goods are goods or services that are non-excludable and non-rivalrous in nature. Think, community parks, the air we breath, open source software, etc.

But the definition and understanding of public goods is evolving as new research, economic theories, and societal needs emerge.

We’re at a point where individual communities are choosing what constitutes a public good - and a vast array of definitions are emerging.

What’s yours? Get involved to secure the future of public goods.

PGN Supporters

Public Goods, superpowered

PGN is built on Optimism's OP Stack. L2s are a critical part of building scalable Ethereum Infrastructure. You can learn more about Bedrock here.

How can I support PGN?

Get involved in guiding the network
Make PGN your default network when deploying new contracts and dApps
Build novel use cases that support public goods projects on PGN